KOT Kitchen Order Ticket POS Billing system

KOT Kitchen Order Ticket POS Billing system

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POS Billing and Inventory management system for Restaurants, Hotels, Super markets with Advanced KOT – Kitchen Order Ticket for Restaurants and Hotels – KOT Kitchen Order Ticket POS and Billing system




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Billerr tries to compete and excel in a very competitive market where time-saving and efficiency is of the highest importance. Our system addresses this very point by simplifying day to day billing processes involved in a business. The system provides complete assistance when it comes to the business numbers and charts out the entire data right before your eyes. All you need to do is to click a few and there you have everything which helps you make those crucial decisions, KOT Kitchen Order Ticket POS and Billing system.


KOT Kitchen Order Ticket POS Billing system:

Is an ideal Cloud based system for hotels and restaurants to simplify the order taking, Billing and delivery processes and provide a totally centralised kitchen order taking, billing and inventory management system. This application will handle various processes like menu preparation, seat allotting, order delivery, add to cart or selecting the product for the order, cook availability checking, billing process, order closing and final account assessment. This application will greatly simplify and speed up the entire order taking and delivery process.




DAILY SALES: An overview of everything in a store, makes all store owners confident. NexoPOS has various detailed reports, for sales and stock management – KOT Kitchen Order Ticket POS Billing system.

BEST SALES: This report allows you to know which products are selling more and during what periods these products were sold. This will allow you to adapt your business policy – KOT Kitchen Order Ticket POS Billing system.
INVENTORY TRACKING: Each product that comes in and out is automatically plotted on NexoPOS. This report will show an exact follow-up on the movement of the stock, as soon as it is entered, until it is released from stock – KOT Kitchen Order Ticket POS Billing system.
 CASHIERS REPORT: If you plan to reward your cashiers, knowing your most effective cashier will be very useful for that situation. You will be able to know the turnover made by each cashier – KOT Kitchen Order Ticket POS Billing system.
  • Detailed Report
  • Best Sales
  • Daily Sales
  • Incomes and Losses
  • Expenses Listing
  • Cash Flow
  • Annual Sales
  • Cashier Performance
  • Responsive Design
  • Multi Store feature
  • Multi Registers
  • SMS invoices
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Customizable Invoices
  • Taxes support
  • Store Access Manager
  • Coupons
  • Multilingual
  • Customer Groups
  • Discount
  • File Manager
  • Refund feature
  • Suppliers

1 review for KOT Kitchen Order Ticket POS Billing system

  1. 5 out of 5

    One of the best systems I found, Have used a lot of other systems but its the BEST!

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