Online Shopping V/S Offline Shopping

There are a few never Ending debates which are going in the world, a few among them are the debate between, atheist V/S Theist, War V/S peace, and now a new entity enters this list that is, offline V/S Online Shopping. Like in any discussion both of them have pros and cons lets have a closer look at them.

1) Which is better???
The first question which anyone would ask is this, “Which is better?”, and the answer will surprise anyone. I’m very sure by this time you would have chosen either one among the two but the answer is both. And statistics is almost close and it differ by only 5%.


2) Best of both worlds!!!!!
64% of the shoppers take the best of both worlds and they verify the products first online then buy it offline. And there is the other way around as well who get the touch and feel of the products offline and make the purchase online.

Sisty four


3) Mars V/S Venus
When we race a man against a woman in the online shopping, it’s the women who win the race by odds of 71 to 52.

Mars vs Venusj

4) Reaching out for the sellers
Even though online stores maintain facebook pages, mobile apps and twitter accounts, shoppers rarely contact them via all these. Best point contact is via chat System keep it running as long as you can.

niinty percent

5) Edges of Offline Shopping:
The 2 mojor reasons for offline shopping to be surviving in the market amidst all the competitive offers and services are
1. They get the delivery on the same day immediately
2. They can verify the touch and feel of the products.

But either way both the market are expected to boom in the span of a year. So cheers and happy Shopping for all you shopaholics out there

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