Increase your sales on Christmas and New Year’s Eve


Well as Christmas and new year eve is just around the corner its time to role up your sleeve and to get your hands dirty so that you can crush the competitions this Christmas and Increase your sales and at the same time earn more loyal customers into your client list.


Here comes one of the major seasons as it’s a combination of Christmas and New year’s Eve it’s time to shoot your sales off the roof, but just like every other things competition will be just as high so these will help you get an upper hand on your competition.


  • Offers offers everywhere!!!

Every single business which is out there will shower the customers with offers right from a halwai to Branded outlets so how can you make your estore stand apart. Just make sure that the offers you give make your customers feel special.

Examples: Give Customers with the birthday on the same month an extra 10% discount. This makes the customer feel special and you would have earned a loyal customer under your client list.


  • Social networks are the key:

It doesn’t matter even if you provide 100 % discount if your customers doesn’t get to know about these offers, hence use the social networks to get the offers out in the open and make sure that it reaches majority of your target market.


  • Be generous as its festive season:

While delivering the product add a small token appreciation with the product so that it tweak the interest of your customer and these small tokens can be as small as a key chain or nose studs.


  • Charity goes a long way:

Add a dash a cause into your business so that it gives your branding a needed boost and keep this cause close to the festive season.

Example: Celebrating Christmas with the under privileged kids etc so on and so forth.

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