10 Things to consider before opting with an eCommerce service provider

Hosting plays a major role when you start up your own ecommerce website as it will affect your uptime, number of products and images and the quality of experience your users will have while going through your website. Hence it’s the first one on the list, so look for providers who have there own hosting ties up which will make your business endeavours more easy to achieve. And make sure that hosting facilities provided meet your requirements accurately if not then its time to find a different service provider . Cause once you start your website and realize that carts are getting abandoned because of slow upload time of your website then you realize that you are stuck in the deep end of the sea.

2-Domain Name:
The domain name will be your voice in the market, and logo will be your face, hence its very important to come with up creative innovative name. And domain name plays a very important role when it comes to the SEO of your website. A good domain name can reduce your SEO efforts by 50% and increase your traffic by 75%. Place yourself in your target markets shoe once and think as to what would attract you the most when it come to online shopping and come up with the name and moment to u see its available, just buy it without a second thought. Cause the domain name will be lost within the matter of minutes.

Templates are the basic structure of your website which can be established later on according to your needs and requirements. Look for service provider who has huge collection of templates which goes well with your theme and your requirements and make sure that they are user friendly. And once you find the template which you like the most start building your website by pouring your ideas and innovation into your dream project.

Customization is a process where in you develop your template to meet your expectation and your ideas, ask for detailed customization from your service provider cause customizations are not entertained by most of the service provider in the market. But without customization and your dash of innovation your website will be just like any other website in the market. So make sure that customization will be provided. And do loads of research and come up with a list and take the leap.

5-Marketing Support:
Anyone who has tasted the life of business knows its not what you sell, its how you sell yourself, this is where marketing comes in. and marketing of your websites starts your development is finished, hence make sure that your service provider is with you long after you get your website and you should feel his presence when you are marketing your website. As the marketing is changing right now, I shall assure you that you will need there support when it comes to online marketing of your website.

6-Technical Support:
There no great seer or a magi who can predict the crash of your website, hence you will need a team to take care of it when its down, as you will loose money, potential clients and your reputation. Hence you can hire a team for the maintenance of your website and everyone knows when you are start up you just don’t have the resources to do it. So get this into the terms with your service provider.

7-Conversion Tactics:
Conversion may sound like a fancy term for people who are new into the market, hence I will break iit down for, conversion is basically converting all the products in your user’s cart into sales. How can you do it?? Ill take you through the process. You will specific features which will target all the abandoned carts and these features differ from one service provider into the other so be specific as to what kind of solution that they can offer and know what more you can require.

8-Payment Methods:
You have different payment methods in the market, most common ones are net banking and cash on delivery, payment methods play a major role when it comes to conversion tactics, when it comes to net banking make sure that you are integrated with the payment gateway who are ties up with most of the major banks across the world so that your customers will have the ease of making the payment. And cash on delivery will be depending on logistic support so ask for logistic support to be provided from the service providers end.

9-Mobile Store:
This an era where shopping destinations are changing from Dubai, Singapore to your pc and your cell phones. So having your stores online presence on play store and I store is very important, and look for this in your service providers.

10-Security :
You still have loads of paranoid potential customer out there in the market who are scared of online credit card theft so to make sure that there nightmares will not become a reality put up a few firewalls of your, buy a dedicated IP and SSL certificates from your service provider to keep your website safe and out of hackers reach.

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