Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Lets have a Quick Look at the Busiest Days of the Year for Retail Sales. Black Friday is term which originally coined in 1966, it’s been the busiest day for shopping ever since 2005. Black Friday is the followed by the thanksgiving, which is not a holiday but it’s the start of the Christmas shopping season. Hence it’s a time to keep your eyes and ears open for all major offers and save some money as well as to buy something nice for yourself and your family.

  • If you are shopper:

Keep your eyes and ears open for all major offers for which you have been waiting all the year, may be its time to buy the cardigan which you always wanted to buy but never could as it was bit our your reach, but black Friday rewards only those who are quick on their feet if you are an offline shopper, and those with quick and nimble fingers if you are online shopper. Either its hunting season for everyone, online or offline. So happy shopping.

  • If you are Retailer:

Time make some money as the peak shopping season starts, start early with your marketing and keep your offer under a time frame right from the start time to closing time of the offers which will keep your customers at the edge of their seat to buy products, and make sure that you do provide best service even amidst all the chaos within that season cause trust me that’s the one thing that your competitor are ignoring and that will make you stand apart from the crowd.


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