Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Lets have a Quick Look at the Busiest Days of the Year for Retail Sales. Black Friday is term which originally coined in 1966, it’s been the busiest day for shopping ever since 2005. Black Friday is the followed by the thanksgiving, which is not a holiday but it’s the start of the Christmas shopping[…]

eCommerce website SEO Tips

Do you own an eCommerce site & only few of your friends and  family knows about it? This is a sign you need to drive more traffic to your site! but how? Search Engine Optimization is one of a method, which helps to drive traffic to a website. Effective Title Tag The title tags on[…]


WOMEN are the targets of the online business these days, According to a survey, in an average household in any part of the world any purchase of a commodity is dependent on the women’s view on it. Ironically majority of the women have a say that most of the attempts by marketers do not really[…]